Patch 19 3.029.1

MoWAS 2 Patch 3.029.1

Najnowszy patch do Men of War Assault Squad 2. Kilka zmian technicznych, balansowych i wydajnościowych. Poprawki w kamuflażu piechoty i kilka dodatków do multiplayera. Patch ściąga się automatycznie. Pełen changelog poniżej.

Men of War Assault Squad 2

Men of War Assault Squad 2


  • Added new winter/desert skins for headgear
  • Added advanced vehicle armor difficulty balance options
  • Added „player” difficulty modifier group
  • Added if unit does not have weapons applied vice versa ammo highlight display (game automatically highlights compatible ammo)
  • Improved speculars on human skins
  • Fixed highlight for zenite ammo
  • Fixed crash on locomotive spawn


  • Added the early version of the new multiplayer quant manager
  • Added icon above allied unit that is in direct control by a teammember
  • Added integrated push to talk to steam voice chat
  • Increased price of German Assault Squad from 100 MP to 110 MP
  • Increased CP of snipers from 8 CP to 10 CP
  • Reduced CP of officer from 8 CP to 5 CP


  • Fixed enemy_counter_06 had wrong conditions and thus was never called once player captured 5 flags in stealth skirmish
  • Fixed debrecen and avalanche used to have pz4e which was removed and is now pz3n in stealth skirmish
  • Fixed pz4g had 5 crew from old script(as1) still which resulted in invisible crew on top, removed 1 in stealth skirmish
  • Fixed various small issues

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