MoWAS 2 Patch 3.033.0

MoWAS 2 Patch 3.033.0

W nocy pojawił się kolejny patch do Men of War Assault Squad 2. Poniżej znajdziecie jego changelog. Nie wniósł nic wielkiego, aczkolwiek kilka poprawek powinno pomóc z wydajnością gry.



  • Added image banner to in-game news update
  • Added pre-cached shaders for better performance
  • Changed pointer sound to speech tag
  • Fixed broken smoke FX
  • Fixed a bug that pre-stored vehicles on a map would spawn with open hatches
  • Fixed environment of Pomerania
  • Fixed some issues with BA-11
  • Fixed some issues with M8 Greyhound
  • Fixed some issues with M20
  • Fixed crash on squad selection
  • Fixed that pre-cached shaders don’t invalidate user cache, only update it



  • Added Steam statistics of infantry and vehicle kills/losses for each faction
  • Changed that rank limit within matchmaking team is disabled (everyone can play in one team)
  • Fixed match-making connection error message
  • Fixed invalid mods display in session info dialog



  •  Reduced difficulty of assault skirmishes (less AI tanks)
  • Fixed bonus unit icons in assault skirmishes
  • Fixed mgun position in [USA] Carentan to avoid path blocking
  • Fixed commandos heros were missing personage able

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