MoWAS 2 Patch 3.030.1

MoWAS 2 Patch 3.030.1

No to mamy kolejny patch. Changelog długi, średnio ciekawy, nie ma w nim informacji o Brytyjczykach, ale przynajmniej ja ich mam jak stawiam grę. Szczegóły poniżej. Standardowo patch ściągnie się sam.


  • Added message of the day to main menu
  • Added some new Soviet winter skins
  • Changed move singleplayer/coop completed mission text/box to the center of the screen
  • Changed double click on actor selects all actors in view of the camera with the same breed as the clicked actor
  • Changed move info text in singleplayer mission to the top of the screen if not in coop
  • Improved 3d model of KV-1
  • Improved waypoint icons
  • Improved unit direction icons
  • Increased maximum texture size
  • Increased cloud storage from 100mb to 1000mb (thanks Valve)
  • Increased health of tier 4 infantry from 300 to 350
  • Reduced stamina of tier 3 infantry from 200 to 150
  • Fixed some wrong skill sets of riflemen
  • Fixed issue with goliath
  • Fixed skin of Soviet mgunner
  • Fixed Goliath
  • Fixed „please wait loading…” message box to screen center on editor startup
  • Fixed possible crash with linked entities
  • Fixed gui crash (null ref in manual control icon)
  • Fixed crash on scene load with enabled dialog borders display
  • Fixed crash on mods apply


  • Added error handling from steam game server
  • Added corrections in the quant bundle calculation, intended to fix multiplayer lag issues
  • Removed ping display in ranked games
  • Fixed missing colon in lobby chat ui
  • Fixed oos related to resource balancer
  • Fixed invalid texmod on unit explosion in MP sessions
  • Fixed connection lost dialog not resetting on escape hit
  • Fixed collect unit stats in cooperative games (to show in ui_result)
  • Fixed „pause” hint position in the multiplayer interface


  • Added winter/desert skins to missions
  • Changed defense parts to ensure enough action on all difficulties in introductory missions
  • Improved regular pool calls on hard and heroic in tank defense missions
  • Improved pace on last 4 waves in tank defense missions
  • Reduced mission to 8 waves instead of 10, counters occur on 3, 5 and 8 in tank defense missions
  • Reduced MP income, mainly on easy/normal in tank defense missions
  • Fixed heavy tanks are not randomized freely as before and overhaul of enemy tanks incoming per each wave in tank defense missions
  • Fixed enemy counters, attack_wave pool wasnt cleared before counter triggers called their own pool in tank defense missions
  • Fixed waypoint target use in certain situations to ensure all units clone/spawn when called in sniper missions
  • Fixed some of the ai inf special recons ignore using officers cover squad in sniper missions
  • Fixed some namur pathing that allowed enemy inf to enter the lower tracks in sniper missions

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