MoWAS 2 - Patch 18 3.028.1

MoWAS 2 – Patch 18 3.028.1

Dzisiaj trafił w nasze ręce mały (wagowo) patch do Men of War Assault Squad 2. Co ciekawe, mimo swojej małej wagi (u mnie ściągnęło tylko 78 mb) dodaje on kilka nowych rzeczy. Poniżej znajdziecie changelog. Patch pobiera się automatycznie.


  • Added functionality to disable squad icons in interface settings options dialog
  • Added in-game players count display in profile badge
  • Added highlight of suitable items in inventory based on selected weapons
  • Improved local minidumps (quoted mod names, extra log reports)
  • Fixed that environment map gets broken if you disable them in options
  • Fixed decal sprite bug on vehicles
  • Fixed crash caused by uninitialized pointers


  • Added the early version of the new multiplayer quant manager
  • Added if filtered show Host [x of x] in session list
  • Added display of activated mods in session screen
  • Changed return to session list on disconnect, kick and out of sync
  • Fixed missing sessions in lobby search
  • Fixed issue in cp balancing
  • Fixed session info dialog tabs refresh issue
  • Fixed buttons position in the session list screen
  • Fixed non-latin names display in LAN chat
  • Fixed cheat issue related to resource balance


  • Added kill counts in savegames
  • Improved any enemy infantry stranded from random traffic vehicles now go back to friendly lines in sniper missions
  • Changed that officer convoy arrival is now based on 2 factors in sniper missions
  • Fixed case where player could take out 1 or more of armor obj tanks and crew would not act alert in sniper missions
  • Fixed some minor map issues and improved optimization
  • Fixed german half tracks not having m42 enabled

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  1. ten patch zmienił mi język w grze na niemiecki. zupełnie nie wiem jak to odkręcić.

    • Wejdź w Steamie w bibliotece w Właściwości gry i zakładkę Język i tam ustaw sobie właściwy język.

      • serdeczne dzięki.

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